Software Satisfaction Awards 2011

by Mark Smith 11. October 2011 15:35

Qtac Solutions has been in the Payroll software business since 1994 and we have never really bought into the whole awards bandwagon.

After numerous corridor chats we felt it was perhaps time to stop hiding our light under a bushel and get involved. We have customers large and small whom have been users for longer than I care to remember, a significant number of which have been very generous in their comments.

After encouragement from various people, we decided to take the plunge and enter the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011.  Numerous forms were filled out and signed, Emails sent backwards and forwards and then we were in the fray.

We proceeded to ask our users if they would complete an online questionnaire regarding our performance and then waited with bated breath for the next two months to see what the verdict was.

We eventually received a call to say that we were in the short list for two categories. The staff were duly informed and were all extremely positive.

We now await the final verdict, which will be announced at The Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 on 18/10/2011 at The Grosvenor in London.

I am sure there will be a few nervous twitches and nail biting as the Winners in our categories are announced.

Perhaps we should have entered before!