Auto Enrolment is here to stay

Whilst the AE principles are straightforward, in practice it’s not that simple

Although Auto Enrolment has been in place for a few years now, the bulk of UK businesses are about to be impacted as the legislation rolls out to the SME market.

It is predicted that this sector will put the biggest strain on accountants and payroll providers as they look to them for help and support during the staging process and beyond.

As their accountant and/or payroll provider therefore it is imperative that you are prepared so that you can fully support them in the journey they are about to undertake.

Our research shows that 70% of payroll providers already working with staged businesses have seen a 20% increase in processing times.  This not only brings with it additional cost but an increased risk of error, particularly when time consuming and complex administrative processes are heavily reliant on manual entry.

Whether they need help understanding the cost implications and gauging the impact on their business’s profitability, assessing their workforce and communicating the changes to them  or ensuring effective and compliant payroll processing the impact on your business should not be underestimated.

What support will your clients need?

You will need to ensure you are ready to help and support your clients through the auto enrolment process in the following ways:

Assess and categorise their workforce

Explain everything to their employees and send all required communications

Ensure all employees are automatically enrolled when they become eligible.

Manage payments and information to their pension provider.

Is there a way to keep it simple?

At Qtac we are continually working to deliver innovative solutions to payroll providers to simplify their payroll management.  Auto enrolment is no exception and our latest development, the AE Control Centre does just that.

It integrates seamlessly into, and is provided free with, our existing payroll software suite to help you support your clients through the Auto Enrolment process without creating a huge burden on your team and processes.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct link to the Pension PlayPen platform to select and set up a suitable Workplace Pension Scheme
  • Automated data transfer between payroll software and pension provider via Pensionsync
  • Easy, bulk employee communications
  • Management across companies from a central location
  • Visual triggers and alerts to help manage processes effectively and within deadlines
  • Pre-staging checklist & audit trail

“We have been really impressed with the functionality of the Control Centre. It will make our life easier, save us considerable processing time and help us to continue to provide a first class service to our clients.”

– Liz Robins – Managing Partner at AS Robins

Interested to find out more?

We offer a Free, no obligation Demo and 45 day Free Trial of all of our software products so why not get in touch and take your first step to Stress Free AE.

Auto Enrolment Payroll Solutions from Qtac

Payroll Software with full AE Support

Our HMRC recognised payroll software, written by our in-house developers and specifically tailored for payroll providers can help you manage the entire auto-enrolment process for your clients from start to finish whilst significantly reducing your administrative burden and costs.

Benefits of our payroll software products include

  • Full AE Support via Control Centre included as standard
  • BACS & ISO9001 accredited
  • Free dedicated support from payroll specialists
  • Continual development and enhancements to products

What’s more we offer a Free, no obligation 45 day trial of all of our software products so that you can ensure they meet your needs before you commit.

Tailored Outsourced Payroll Services

As the burden of payroll increases through Auto Enrolment now might be the time to consider outsourcing your clients’ payroll.

Our managed payroll services have been designed specifically for accountants and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and sit seamlessly alongside your other services, enabling you to provide the service your clients want, in a cost effective and hassle free way.

Using our in house payroll software with all of its built in Auto Enrolment functionality our team can support you and your clients through the entire process and manage things on your behalf.

So, get in touch to see how we could benefit your business & obtain a free quote for our managed payroll service.  It could be the perfect solution.

Further Help And Advice

At Qtac we are committed to ensuring that businesses understand the implications of Auto Enrolment which is why we have created a series of free resources to help.

Our Knowledge Bank provides further information and guides to help you understand the changes and what you need to do.

We also produce regular blog posts on the topic which can be located in the Qtac Blog.

Alternatively, why not join our team on a free Webinar which we run on a regular basis.