Specialist Services for Payroll Bureaux

Effective payroll management can be easy

As legislative changes make payroll management increasingly more complicated, costly and time consuming, particularly as Auto-Enrolment rolls out to the SME market, you need to ensure you are able to provide the support and advice your clients need.

A key element in this will be the payroll software you use to manage your client payrolls.  It will need to support the additional administrative burden brought on by Auto Enrolment through seamless processes that enable you to continue to provide a cost effective service.

Software designed specifically for payroll bureaux

Qtac provide tailored payroll management software that has been developed specifically for the Bureaux market.  It has a range of features that help you efficiently manage and process multiple client payrolls simultaneously and importantly it has full Auto Enrolment support included.

Key Benefits of Qtac Bureaux Software:

Specialist software designed for Payroll Bureaux

Comprehensive Auto Enrolment support included

Free, dedicated support

Direct link to NEST and other Pension Providers systems

BACS & ISO9001 Accredited

“These guys do get the support side of the package absolutely spot on!”

– Murdoch Mann (Murdoch Mann & Co Chartered Accountants)

Further help and advice

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail give our team a call on 01179 353500.

Alternatively, if you are unsure whether your current payroll software will fully support Auto Enrolment or to see how the Qtac product compares, get in touch and we can arrange a free trial.