Case Study: Healdswood Surgery

A Healthy Dose of Payroll Software


Healdswood Surgery is a Nottinghamshire based GP Surgery.  In 2004 they were looking to move their payroll management onto an electronic system.  They were specifically looking for something that would be easy to use and give them phone access to payroll specialists when they needed it.

After comparing several different payroll software providers they chose Qtac and have been clients ever since.

Support that underpins a payroll business

At Qtac we want to make running payroll as easy as possible for our clients and so ensure that our software products are intuitive and easy to use.  We also provide a wide range of different support options to help our customers with any queries they have in a way that works for them.

Nicole at Healdswood has been particularly pleased with the support she has been provided during their time with Qtac. In particular the remote assist support enabling our team to electronically access her system and provide updates or help her resolve queries quickly and effectively.  Similarly with software updates our team can provide training to Nicole directly enabling her to get the most out of the system.

Feedback from another happy customer

When asked for feedback she also specifically mentioned the proactive support she receives from us at renewal.  Our team get in touch prior to the software renewal each year and then use the remote access to install updates making the entire renewal process simple and easy for them.

As such in the 11 years that Healdswood Surgery has been with Qtac they have not once considered changing providers.

At Qtac Payroll we pride ourselves on finding and providing the ideal payroll solution for your business.

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