Case Study: Treasure Homes

Complex Payroll Made Simple


Christine Bowers is the financial manager of two companies, Treasure Homes Ltd. and West Country Care Ltd. both of which provide residential care services in the South West of England.
For Christine, this means juggling the finances of three different homes in the West Country: Abbots Leigh Manor, Lampton House, and Stainsbride House
The two companies are owned by the same person and all of the administration is managed from one office. A key criteria for Christine was therefore to have a system that enabled her to manage the 2 separate payrolls easily from the same location.

Providing service with simplicity

At Qtac our range of software and extensive experience in the payroll sector means that we can work with businesses that have complex payroll requirements but without giving them a system that is difficult to use on a day to day basis.

“I think Sage is more complicated than it needs to be. It was difficult, for instance, trying to get a reprint of a payslip, or if you had to rollback somebody, that was an absolute nightmare.

With Qtac, it’s a touch of a button!

Our aim at Qtac is to provide flexibility to our clients; managing complications rather than working against them when problems arise. We work hard to ensure that the transition from Sage or any other payroll product to our software is a seamless experience.

“Our time and attendance software is pre-programmed to upload anything into Sage.

When we moved over to Qtac we thought this was going to be a problem, but it wasn’t.

Coping with the unique challenges faced by the business

Christine needed a way of manging payroll that would account for the complexity of having staff working in three different care homes. Treasure Homes had been using Sage’s payroll software, but Christine found that it struggled to manage all of the variables.

We were also able to provide the added requirement of exporting pay data from a time and attendance system directly into our software allowed Christine to be able to download it on a monthly basis.

“Each home has a different shift pattern and different pay rates so we were looking for a company that could actually make the transition from Sage, which was very rigid, to a system that could cope with all of the variables and niches of the business. Qtac seemed to be able to do that perfectly.”

A comprehensive solution

As with many of our clients Christine had a specific list of requirements not only from the payroll software itself but the company that provided it.

She needed someone that understood her business and could offer a solution that was sophisticated enough to handle her requirements but not overly complex so that she could easily manage everything and cut down on wasted administrative processes.

“I would recommend Qtac to people who’ve got a good knowledge of payroll, but also to those who have only a limited one because I find it really user-friendly.

I’ve had good support from all of the Qtac team too. If I’ve had a problem, then someone has managed to sort it out for me with no hassle at all.”

At Qtac Payroll we pride ourselves on finding and providing the ideal payroll solution for your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you: 0117 9353 900