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In order to indicate that Qtac should start flagging new pension scheme members and contributions deducted that should be submitted to pension providers, the ‘Use Pension Provider API’ checkbox needs to be ticked.

Once ticked any employee joining an Auto Enrolment scheme and all pension contributions calculated will be flagged as needing to be sent to the pension provider.

N.B. This feature only applies to NEST and any PensionSync provider.

N.B.2. For any PensionSync pension providers: After checking the ‘Use Pension Provider API’ box and clicking Save, you may notice an additional box pop up on screen, contacting PensionSync. In some circumstances, PensionSync requires Qtac to notify them of company pension schemes being linked to PensionSync, in order that they can link a PensionSync user account to a company pension scheme and pension provider. This is nothing to worry about!