Online Payslip Portal

The Portal provides secure online access to Employee payroll data, payslips, P45’s and P60’s!

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Flexible low-cost pricing from £10 per month!

Discover the benefits of online payslips

Main Benefit View payslips online from any location

Businesses can view and manage payroll information via easy to use platform from any location or device.

Main Benefit Flexible low cost pricing

The payroll portal helps automate and streamline the payroll process, saving time, money and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Main Benefit Secure and GDPR compliant

Individual logins give personal secure access to payroll information in compliance with GDPR.

Simple synchronisation with your Qtac payroll engine ensures continual accuracy of data.

Switching to Qtac couldn’t be easier

We make shifting your operation to Qtac easy. When you decide to move your payroll to us you’ll have a dedicated team of experts to support you with your migration. Speak to one of our team to discuss your next steps.

ISO 9001 Certified
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