Opening a New World of Payroll

Qtac Portal

 The world of payroll is continually changing and the impact of these changes on businesses and payroll providers has been significant. Our research shows that 70% of payroll providers have seen a 20% increase in processing times since the launch of Auto Enrolment and the burden of compliance with GDPR has added further to the burden on them and businesses alike.
This brings significant additional cost at a time when businesses are looking for greater flexibility around when and how they and their employees access their payroll information.

The Qtac Portal has been specifically developed to enhance the service and choice that business and payroll providers can obtain without increasing their overheads.
Included as part of our Outsourced Payroll Services and available as an extension to our Specialist Software Products it gives accountants, their clients and their employees real time access to payroll information from any location and across any device whilst ensuring full compliance with GDPR.

1 Platform, 3 Dimensions


Portal features

  • Real time access to payroll information to payroll providers, employers and employees from 1 central online platform
  • Payroll provider Dashboard enables high level management across multiple clients (software product).
  • Secure message area ensures secure data sharing between payroll providers and businesses.
  • Businesses can view and manage payroll information via easy to use platform from any location
  • Employees can view payslips or update contact details directly via their own login from any device
  • Automatic synchronisation with Qtac Payroll Software, whether used directly, or via our outsourced team, ensures continual accuracy of data
  • Individual logins give personal, secure access to payroll information in compliance with GDPR

Why Qtac?

  • Specialist outsourcing services designed for businesses and payroll providers
  • HMRC recognised software, BACS & ISO9001 accredited
  • Free, tailored support from payroll specialists giving choice on how we work together
  • Innovators in the payroll industry for over 20 years and committed to utilising technology to improve payroll management for our clients
  • Customer centric approach backed by operational excellence

“The Qtac Portal has transformed payroll for us, our clients and their employees.”

– Stephen Titterington (CET Payroll Services)