5 Steps to Prepare for RTI

1. Don’t Panic and start preparing your business now. The majority of businesses will need to start reporting under RTI from April 2013. HMRC will move larger companies onto RTI between May–September 2013. It is recommended that the required changes to payroll processes and procedures, including assessing current and/or introducing new payroll software, be implemented as soon as possible.

2. Check if you can accommodate RTI in your existing payroll procedures. You need to establish how easy it will be to slot RTI into your current payroll solution. This is where an RTI ready payroll system like Qtac Payroll, will make it really easy.

3. Check employee details are accurate. It is really important records match up with those held by HMRC as information will be submitted much more frequently. Qtac Payroll’s RTI Data check which will allow you to detect all possible discrepancies with a single click of the mouse.

4. RTI payroll data must now be sent to HMRC electronically. It is no longer possible for businesses to manually enter the data into the HMRC website. Qtac Payroll software can send your information directly to HMRC.

5. When you first use RTI, HMRC will align its records of employees with the businesses’ own payroll records. This is important, because it ensures the data submitted gets recorded correctly by HMRC. Qtac Payroll software and its free experienced support will guide you through this process, helping you to identify and fix any issues quickly.