Automatic Tax Code increases for 2014-15

HMRC have announced a general ‘uplift’ of all tax codes with an ‘L’ suffix by 56. This means for example that an employee with tax code 944L in 2013-14 will have their tax code uplifted by 56 from 6 April 2014 to 1000L.

Qtac applies this uplift automatically for its customers when they migrate their data to the 2014-15 paryoll software.  If customers receive separate notifications from HMRC to change an employees tax code then they will need to be actioned accordingly in addition to this automatic code change.canada goose jakker

The new ’emergency’ tax code for 2014-15 is 1000L.

More information and help:

The HMRC helpsheet gives further details of these changes.

Existing Qtac payroll software customers with any questions regarding this change should contact our support team on 0117 9474747.

For employers looking to ensure they correctly apply tax code changes to their payroll, should contact our sales team on 0117 9353500 to discuss the payroll software products we offer or our outsourced payroll service.

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