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Out with the old (Electronic Payslips)…

Electronic payslips have been available in our software for almost 10 years now. Early on, Qtac saw the benefit of being able to email payslips and other reports to employee and employer alike.

Back then the decision was made that, rather than reinventing the wheel we would use a third party supplier. The solution we chose was EDocPrinter PDF from Iteksoft, a clever application which sat in your ‘Printers & Faxes’ area. We embedded some hidden commands in the electronic payslips & reports and all you had to do was select EDoc as your printer.

The advantage of the solution was that you could print all of your payslips in one report, send it to EDoc and then, with the aid of the embedded commands, it would determine whether each payslip should be split and emailed to an individual or keep all payslips wrapped up in one report and then email to one person.

A good solution.

In with the new!

We’ve decided that it’s time to develop our own solution.

This new feature… features!!!

Email payslips through a variety of channels

We’ve added the ability for you to select whether to send your payslips via Microsoft Outlook (installed on each of your PCs), or through SMTP; this could be your own SMTP server (if you have a website and own the domain name) or through GMail or Hotmail. Please note that if you want to send through an SMTP server, you’ll have to make sure that you configure it in such a way that it doesn’t think the hundreds of emails being sent through the server isn’t a denial of service attack!!!

Choose whether to send payslips for the whole company, a department or just one employee.

The selection of which employees electronic payslips you want emailed has been improved slightly. You can select the entity (Company, Department, Employee) that you want to send, as has always been the way. On top of this, when you find your way to the table of employees that you’ll be emailing, you can remove selections from the list. If you do so, these employees won’t be receiving an email.

Send Electronic Payslips

Add your own personal subject and message.

We’ve supplied you with some placeholders so that you can pull out information from the database, like the employee’s name, to enable you to write your own personal email messages. These can be defaulted but can be overridden on occasions, perhaps for a Christmas message!

Add message to electronic payslip

New, cleaner design and layout.

All of the new features that we’ll be rolling out this year – and there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline – will feature our new cleaner layout. As well as looking good, we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible for you to perform your day-to-day tasks.

Email Payslips Selection

When will Electronic Payslips be available?

We’re currently trialling the electronic payslips feature in-house and once we’re happy will be releasing to some customers for Beta testing. If you’re interested in taking part then contact our support team.

We’ll be releasing news of new developments as and when they become available. So make sure you continue to visit our blog. You can also follow me on Twitter where I’ll also be keeping our customers updated.

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