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Can I still use QTAC to process my auto enrolment pension scheme without the Auto Enrolment features?

As this is a question that we are regularly asked I have decided to answer the question in a blog post.

By this point you have also visited the Pensions Regulators website and read up all about the legislation around Auto Enrolment compliance.

You have attended courses paid or free and are confident that Auto Enrolment is no more than a temporary speed limit which you are more than happy to navigate on your own.

By this point you have stepped up to the plate and engaged with an IFA or performed your own research into the available pensions and made a decision.

Your pension provider is doing loads of the work so it should all be easy. They will access all your employees for Auto Enrolment and send out communications letters to all your employees to ensure that you are compliant with the legislation.

So can you still use your existing Qtac Payroll Software to process your payroll once you reach your Auto Enrolment staging date?

Well the simple answer is yes because

  • You can set up a pension that will calculate/deduct a pension contribution that you define.
  • You run a report that details all the employees pension contributions

However if you want to use Qtac without Auto Enrolment functionality you will have to perform the following tasks manually on an ongoing basis.

  1. Manage all your postponement options
  2. Create and send out Auto Enrolment Pension Letters
  3. Assess your work force each pay period
  4. Enrol Eligible Workers and manage all opt in and out’s
  5. Add new employees and eligible employees into the pension
  6. Keep full and complete records in case you are audited by the Pensions Regulator
  7. Communicate the employee contributions with the Pension provider
  8. Re-assess and enrol all eligible employees at the Auto Enrolment Anniversary Date

The above list isn’t a full and complete list of all your auto enrolment duties but I believe you are starting to get the picture. Although the Auto Enrolment functionality with cost you a little more per year it is designed to fully manage your auto enrolment process. No need for any extra costs or additional middleware. All you need to succeed is QTAC with Auto Enrolment and an Auto Enrolment Pension.

If you would like to discuss the contents of this blog in further detail please contact me on 0117 9353500

Simon Wells

Business Development at Qtac Software & Outsourcing
Simon Wells has extensive understanding of the payroll process and has been working at Qtac prior to the introduction of Real Time Information and Automatic Enrolment Pensions. With experience in outsourced payroll services Simon has a unique understanding of payroll processing within a bureau environment.
Simon Wells