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More Great News from Qtac!

Following on from our our announcement of the new Email Payslips functionality which goes live in our next software update, we have more exciting news just around the corner!

Coming soon is our new Global Automated Reports feature, which has the potential to save your operation hours if not days of manual processing over the course of a month. Automation in this area could free up your already busy payroll administrators, enabling them to spend more time on customer focused tasks.

A Little Background…

We’ve listened to a range of Payroll Specialist customers, who love the bulk processing features that they have at their disposal. The ability to pay thousands of companies, print all of the relevant employee payslips and submit all FPS’s to HMRC in a couple of clicks is extremely powerful, but in between all of this the clients still require additional reports to be produced, of which there are hundreds.

Our customers were finding that while it took minutes to run hundreds of payrolls, it then proceeded to take them hours – sometimes days – for them to print, export and email the required reports to their clients.

This is where Global Automated Reports comes in!

Our Solution

The first stop is to set up all of the various reports that each of your clients require. Here you can indicate whether the reports should be used for checking (sent to client prior to the close of the payroll) as well as final reports.

Setting up Automated Reports

You can then configure the method of distribution, which currently consists of Printing, Exporting to PDF and Emailing PDF.

Then to the Really Cool Stuff!

Any number of companies can be selected for a pay period. At the same time you can select whether you want to send:

  1. Checking Reports
  2. Final Reports
  3. Checking and Final Reports

A list of the all of the configured reports – different for each company – is then displayed. Click ‘Process Reports’ and away you go!

Submitting Reports

The software will now work its way through all of the reports for each company, printing reports that have been configured to print, exporting reports where required and rolling up all company reports that need to be emailed and attaching them into a single email to the company. If payslips have been configured to be emailed to the employee, they get sent (password protected) to each employee; if to the company then all rolled up into one PDF to the company.

Want to get involved?

Global Automated Reports goes into internal testing this week and once we’re happy that we’ve ironed out any niggles, we’ll be releasing it for external Beta testing to any of our Payroll Specialist customers who are interested in taking a look.

If you are one of those customers – and why wouldn’t you be(!) – please get in contact with us (

As I said earlier, there are some really great features on the way, so be sure to watch this space.

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