QTAC first live successful NEST API submission

Qtac have today submitted their first successful NEST Submission easing the burden of administration for Automatic Enrolment. The smooth and almost seamless task takes away the obdurate need for extracting a CSV file resulting in a familiar seamless process to that of RTI.

This new functionality within Qtac’ s Automatic Enrolment Edition, allows our customers to send and receive relevant pensions data directly to and from their NEST pension provider with one click, reducing the administrative burden, overheads and potential errors associated with administering Auto Enrolment. It also dramatically eases the pension set-up process, so saving further time, effort and any later correction handling.

The development, designed to help employers with their Workplace Pension administration, comes ahead of a large rise in the number of employers needing to meet their auto enrolment requirements over the next 2 years.

The team at Qtac were one of a very small group of payroll software providers invited by NEST to work with them to develop and implement an API to link directly to the pension platform from their software products.

Our development team have been working hard with NEST to offer our customers this enhanced functionality.

“Allowing our customers to move away from the manual process of extracting a CSV file from Qtac software and opening the NEST portal to import data is a huge step forward. This innovative web service functionality enables Qtac users to automate their pension interactions with NEST, providing huge benefits to accountants, bookkeepers and commercial bureaux in time for January 2016 when the total number of employers staging skyrockets.”

Commented Alex Rowson, Technical Director at Qtac Solutions and chairman of the BASDA Payroll Pensions & HR Interest Group.

NEST , a defined contribution workplace pension scheme set up by the Government to help businesses to comply with the new Auto Enrolment legislation, already has around 2.5 million members and is working with over 30,000 employers to date, making it one of the largest auto enrolment providers in the UK. This is set to increase significantly over the next 2 years as auto enrolment is implemented by smaller employers which are potentially more likely to use NEST as their workplace pension of choice.

Helen Dean, CEO of NEST, adds:

With 1.8 million employers still needing to put a workplace pension in place by 2017, this is a key development in the roll out of auto enrolment. Qtac are one of the first to deliver a solution using NEST web services, helping employer’s set-up and manage NEST from their payroll software. We’re delighted that payroll providers and software developers are working with NEST to integrate our web service functionality, which is designed to streamline the auto enrolment process for small employers”

The new Qtac system, just one of a number of developments in progress to assist Qtac customers with Auto enrolment, will enable employers to use all of the NEST web service functionality directly from their payroll software.

From setting up a workplace pension scheme to the ongoing management including;

Setting up new employers – which other than accepting the NEST terms and conditions and setting up payment data can be completed automatically through Qtac payroll software products.

Retrieving current set-up details – enabling users to reconcile data in NEST and their payroll software product.

Enrol workers – sending new enrolment data directly to NEST from the payroll software.

Updating contributions – sending earnings and contribution details for a particular contribution schedule to NEST and also notifying NEST where contributions won’t be made.

Approving payments – sending NEST an employer’s confirmation that payment of a contribution schedule for an agreed amount will be made by the employer or can be collected by NEST.

Retrieving schedules – lists detailing due and overdue contribution schedules and their current status directly from NEST.

Retrieving opt-out data – for members who have opted out from NEST in the last 5 weeks.

Retrieve stopped contributions data – for members who have instructed NEST they wish to stop contributing in the last 5 weeks.