Early 2016 Webinars 

Happy New Year!! We would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2016.

Payroll has changed and the new year will bring payroll challenges that will affect us all. Qtac Payroll are pleased to announce that we are running a series of free webinars to combat this, they are suitable for both new and existing users of QTAC Payroll Software.

The QTAC Winter Webinar Series will cover the topics below: Just click on the topic that interests you and choose the best date.

Introduction to QTAC Payroll Software

This webinar is designed for new users of QTAC Payroll Manager and Payroll Bureau. It will guide you through the Payroll Software.

An Introduction to Auto Enrolment

If you know very little about Auto Enrolment and the Work Place Pension reform this is a great place to start.

Managing Auto Enrolment with QTAC Software 

This webinar is designed to demonstrate how QTAC payroll software can fulfill your Auto Enrolment requirements.

Auto Enrolment for Accountants & Payroll Bureaux

For bookkeepers, accountants and bureaus the auto enrolment (AE) legislation can be complex and hard to understand, so ensuring that you avoid the pitfalls is key to a streamlined, successful and lucrative strategy.

Getting to grips with Automatic Enrolment 

What do you need to do in order to stay ahead. The Pension Regulator – The Pension PlayPen will be explaining.

Qtac Payrolls New Exciting Features 

2016 is an exciting year for new value added features. New features include Automatic Enrol Control centre and Activity Manager.

Outsourcing your Auto Enrolment duties 

What our Qtac Payroll Outsourcing can do to help with your Automatic Enrolment duties.

All of our webinars take up to 1 hour and are accessible from any location and presented through a series of PowerPoint slides, videos & web pages offering you a convenient way to expand your knowledge without having to travel to a seminar or course.

More Help and Advice

If you want to learn more about the above topics, but can’t make any of the webinars, download one of our free Guides here. You will also find a wealth of information on our blog


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