Bulk Staging date function through Qtac Payroll

HP laptop on a table displaying the Qtac Payroll software Activity Management screen.

The Pension Regulator last week announced that it will cease the Bulk staging date facility tool at the end of March. The tool which helped larger Bureaux plan their multiple employers staging dates, will cease on the 31st March 2016 leaving some struggling with this laborious task.

For all Qtac customers we have now introduced the Staging Date management tool, allowing our customers to obtain staging dates at a click of a button. TPR recently launched a Staging Date API (Application Program Interface) service allowing Qtac to directly communicate with TPR database to request employers’ staging dates, based on their PAYE reference. This allows Qtac users to check or find a staging date, without having to open a separate browser window to use the TPR website tool.

How does it work?