Qtac Receives Great Feedback on its Products & Services for Another Year Running

Qtac Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Towards the end of 2017/18 we undertook our regular Customer Satisfaction Survey for our Managed Payroll and Software clients and we are thrilled to report another set of great results and positive feedback.

At Qtac we believe it is important for us as a business to regularly find out how our customers rate our products and services. It ensures we continue to deliver quality payroll solutions that meet their needs either through improvements to our existing range or by driving innovation.

Feedback from our Managed Payroll Clients

A fantastic 85% of respondents rated our outsourced payroll service Good or Excellent overall meaning that they can focus on the important things in their business confident that their payroll is being dealt with effectively.

When asked to rate 6 key aspects of the service on a scale of 1 – 5 they also rated each with at least 4 out of 5, a tremendous result for the team.

Qtac Staff Technical Knowledge Friendliness of Staff Qtac Outsourcing Value For Money Qtac Timeliness of Response from Staff Accurate Information Provided by Qtac Staff Quality of Service

Staff Technical


Friendliness of


Value for


Timeliness of


Accuracy of


Quality of


Whilst we are really pleased with the feedback received we don’t like to rest on our laurels and have identified some areas that we think we can improve on further over this year.

These are primarily around communication in terms of not only the timeliness of responses but the frequency and nature of communications. We have invested in the development of a range of added value functionality to our in-house software which our outsourced team use. These will help to streamline processes and improve communication further over the next few months.

Feedback from our Software Clients

Whilst we were pleased with the positive feedback from our outsourced clients it seems that our software clients are even more delighted with us; an amazing 97% rated us as Good or Excellent overall.

Again when asked to rate our software in 5 key areas we received a rating of higher than 4 across the board, the areas scored were:

Reliable High Quality Service Qtac Software Functionality Qtac Software Ease of Use Qtac Services Provide Cost Effective, Value For Money Solutions Qtac Customer Support





Ease of Use:


Value for Money:


Support Provided:


Whilst the majority of our clients highly praised the individual remote support provided by our team, some were unaware of the full extent and range of the other support we have on offer.

In fact we run a regular series of webinars, create informative regular blog posts which we promote through our client newsletter as well as a series of guides and videos all of which are available free to our clients.

In light of this feedback we have recently re-structured our website to ensure that this support material is held together in one easy to reach place, our Knowledge Bank . If you’ve not already visited, take a look as we are confident you will find something of use.

Auto-Enrolment: A Common Topic Requiring Further Support

The results of both surveys highlight that the Workplace Pension changes commonly referred to as Auto Enrolment is one key area that clients (whether managing their payroll in house using our software or using our managed services) feel they need more support and help.

Most Qtac users felt unprepared and unsure of the full implications on their business and some were unaware of the help and support that our team can provide.

This is an area that we want to address and over the next few months will be releasing a range of content and support to all of our clients to ensure they are as prepared as they can be. This support will be in the form of new innovations to our software suite, free webinars, blog posts and video guides as well as tailored help specific to each business.

As a starting point, we have produced 2 guides on Auto Enrolment; the first aimed at business owners and the second at payroll professionals. They both contain lots of information about the changes and your role and responsibilities within them. If you’ve not had chance to take a look then you can download them below.

SME Guide to Auto Enrolment

Guide to Auto Enrolment for Payroll Professionals

A Big Thank You

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. We will keep you up to date throughout the year with actions that come from the responses.

if you have any specific question about Auto Enrolment and how it will impact your business or you service in particular please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0117 935 3500.