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Qtac has always been at the forefront of changes facing the payroll industry and the introduction of Auto Enrolment is no exception.  Our team has been heavily involved in all aspects of the automatic enrolment process for the past 3 years and have seen first-hand the impact it has had on payroll processing.
As such 2016 is going to be an exciting year for us and our customers with the launch of 5 new features each designed to enhance the usability of our software products.We are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers and so a key focus for the development team during 2015 was to find ways in which we could simplify the additional administration created by workplace pensions.

Auto Enrolment Control Centre

Feedback from our own outsourcing team about the difficulty of tracking and managing all of the different steps and processes across a number of clients has helped us to develop the Automatic Enrolment Control Centre.

It enables you to visualise and action all things Automatic Enrolment from one place across multiple clients with features including

  • View all clients and their AE tasks from 1 central dashboard
  • Employer checklists to manage key pre staging tasks
  • Automatic bulk staging date uplift
  • Pension contribution submissions
  • Global Employee communication tool
  • Pay reference period view

This new feature has been added to all of our Manager, Bureau and Specialist customers software at no extra charge. 

Nest API

Additional process such as setting up the pension scheme, enrolling workers, retrieving opt outs have, until now, added considerable time to payroll processing.  This is no longer the case with the Nest API in Qtac’ s Automatic Enrolment Edition.

This tool allows our customers to send and receive relevant pensions data directly to and from their NEST pension provider with one click, reducing the administrative burden, overheads and potential errors associated with administering Auto Enrolment. It also dramatically eases the pension set-up process, so saving further time, effort and potential correction handling.

Pension Sync integration

At this time NEST is the only pension provider that has supplied payroll software companies with a direct link to their payroll software.

We therefore jumped at the chance to work with PensionSync to give our customers more direct access to pension providers from within our software.

PensionSync is a solution to automate the delivery of data between payroll, and pension providers. It is similar to what NEST have developed but available for around 80% of popular pension providers. This service will allow a large percentage of Qtac customers to simplify and manage their Workplace pensions through their software, bringing additional automation to their payroll processing.

Global Automated reports

The 2016/17 Qtac software will bring the Global Automated Reports feature, which has the potential to save payroll providers hours if not days of manual processing over the course of a month.

The feature will process all of the reports required for each company automatically.  Whether reports have been configured to be printed, exported or emailed the system will handle it all seamlessly.  Where reports need to be emailed they will be collated and sent together in a single email to the company making it considerably easier for clients to access the information.

If payslips have been configured to be emailed to the employee, they get sent (password protected) to each employee; if to the company then they are added to one PDF which then goes in a single email to the company.

Automation of the reporting is anticipated to free up considerable time for busy payroll administrators, enabling them to spend more time on customer focused tasks.

Activity Management tool

Our new Activity Manager allows busy Payroll Bureaux to keep track of all activities that need to be performed across all clients on a single or pay period basis. Activities can be viewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with multiple access levels to reflect team structures and responsibilities.

The management level allows an individual to view all activities across all clients, where as administrator level details all tasks that have been assigned to the individual payroll administrator.  It displays all activities that are outstanding and they can be actioned directly from the tool with a click of a button.

This feature will bring significant peace of mind to busy teams that all tasks will be completed on time across all of their clients.

More Information

For further information about the range of additional features being planned for our software products and how they will help you manage Auto Enrolment more effectively speak to one of our sales team on 0117 935 3500 who will be happy to help.

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