Streamlining your Payroll Processing Post Auto Enrolment

Automation of Payroll Software and Auto Enrolment

If, like one of the 100,000 UK employers who will, on average, be staging each month from this September, you are concerned about implementing Auto Enrolment for your business then the latest changes to our payroll software will be welcome news.

Over the past 3 years Qtac has been focusing its attention on ensuring our payroll software removes the stress that auto enrolment can bring to businesses.  Part of this program has been through the development of partnerships with other key providers within the payroll market.

Qtac and Pensionsync: giving you choice, saving you time and money

By linking our payroll software directly to the pensionsync platform we are able to provide you with a market leading data automation product that will handle all elements of your auto enrolment payroll processing, including direct interaction with your payroll provider, seamlessly from 1 place.

If you haven’t selected your pension provider then you can do so directly from our software via pensionsync and the choices available are wider with us than any other payroll provider.

You may be looking for a pension provider that will accept any company however small with no employer charge and a low employee charge.  If so then Legal & General could well be the option for you and if you sign up for a scheme through your Qtac software using pensionsync you are guaranteed to be accepted.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a MasterTrust then you have access to market leading, large providers such as The People’s Pension and Smart Pension.  Whilst for those staging later this year or during 2017 the options are even greater with Aviva, NOW: Pensions and Standard Life available later this year.

No matter which pension provider you choose, our software lets you:

  • save time sending data to your pension provider and retrieving opt out data directly into your payroll system
  • significantly minimise data errors from manual entry
  • increase data security (all files are encrypted)

Why manually move data from your payroll software to a pension providers website (or vice versa), when you can export/import it all securely and simply at the click of a button from within your payroll platform.

What’s more, use of pensionsync is absolutely free for the first 2 months of submissions to your pension provider.

Further information and help

Getting close to your staging date and need to start preparing, don’t leave it too late.  Find out more about setting up a pensionsync account here.

Alternatively, contact the team at Qtac to access it plus a range of other AE features directly through your Payroll Software.

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Simon Palmer

Simon Palmer is a Director at Qtac.
Simon Palmer
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