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Auto-enrolment has caused a number of problems for businesses of all types and sizes, especially because the various processes were not fully automated. Aware of the many frustrations, Qtac Payroll has built its AE Control centre with fully loaded integration to Pensionsync. Pensionsync enables Qtac payroll software to automate the delivery of data to and from multiple pension providers.

Qtac will currently allow free data transfer with the following pension schemes:

  • Nest
  • Aviva
  • L&G
  • The Peoples Pension
  • NOW
  • Smart
Smart Pensions Overview……………..

Smart Pensions have been very proactive in their understanding to UK businesses. Their one-of-a-kind online platform, is designed specifically for auto-enrolment in the UK, and ongoing management of your scheme is easy too. They don’t charge any upfront fees. On top of that, their solution is great value for employees and their standard service doesn’t cost companies a penny.

You can forget about having to manually transfer information back and forth between your payroll and pension software. All data automatically transfers between the Qtac & Smart Pension platforms without you having to do anything. Opting in or out and refunds are also dealt with.

Take a peek at these 90 second videos to explain more……….

Why Choose Smart Pension for AE

How Smart Pensions Work

Or visit Smart Pensions website here 

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