20 key reasons to move from HMRC Basic PAYE Tools to Qtac Payroll

700 thousand small and micro sized employers are to reach their auto enrolment staging date in 2017/18 and a large proportion of these employers are HMRC Basic PAYE Tools users. The Pensions Regulator has an auto enrolment toolkit to assist these employers with auto enrolment.

Although software is not necessary for auto enrolment, assessing the workforce and calculating contributions manually will lead to an additional workload and a higher risk of errors and non-compliance.

The auto enrolment toolkit is in the format of a downloadable excel spreadsheet, where the employer will input employee information, including name, date of birth, qualifying earnings for the pay reference period and if the employee has previously opted in or out. The tool will then indicate who needs to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme and provide employer and employee contribution values.

As the toolkit is provided by the Pensions Regulator, many Basic PAYE Tools users may assume that it will be the most appropriate solution to use for auto enrolment. However, there are many limitations to the software which reduce the scope of the tool. The Pensions Regulator still recommends an integrated payroll and auto enrolment solution for employers, as it will reduce the workload and administrative burden on the business significantly, whilst improving compliance.

This is how Qtac Payroll can help you

  1. Qtac Payroll is HMRC recognised
  2. Qtac Payroll will Migrate your previous softwares data with ease.
  3. Qtac Payroll will handle all auto enrolment tasks
  4. Qtac Payroll cost as little as £5 per month*
  5. RTI can be fully automated in Qtac Payroll
  6. Qtac Payroll will automatically import your HMRC Basic PAYE Tools data
  7. Qtac Payroll includes the NEST API, meaning the upload of auto enrolment data is automated
  8. Pensionsync is free through Qtac Payroll. Allowing pension data automation from major pension providers.
  9. Qtac Payroll will perform a pre staging assessment of your workforce to establish how much auto enrolment is going to cost and to determine if you need to register with a pension scheme
  10. Qtac Payroll will allow you to submit all Automatic Enrolment data from one place
  11. Qtac Payroll will allow you to email all Employee Automatic Enrolment letters from one place
  12. Qtac Payroll includes an Activity Manager so you can manage daily tasks
  13. Qtac Payroll allows you to calculate 6 years prior PAYE calculations
  14. Qtac Payroll allows you to back process any pay records and amend
  15. Qtac Payroll allows you to make a second payment on a current pay record
  16. Qtac Payroll has multiple payslip templates
  17. Payslips can be emailed to employees and will contain details of any pension deductions
  18. You can use postponement, giving you more time to get a pension scheme in place
  19. Support is included in this price
  20. Qtac Payroll have been producing Payroll Software for 22 years

Introductory HMRC Basic Tools offer £49 for your first years software. Try our 45 day free here 

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