Our New Payroll Manager – Meet Oliver

In response to growing demand, we are expanding our payroll team to offer a wider range of bespoke payroll services and are delighted to welcome our new Payroll Outsourcing Manager, Oliver King who brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to clients and our specialist payroll team.

We are excited to introduce you to Oliver. Find out why we think he is a great addition to our team.

Oliver Who?

Having worked within large multi-national companies and fast paced accountancy firms during the past 20 years, Oliver is fully aware of the challenges facing businesses.  His experience within accountancy, retail and hospitality equip him with a deep understanding of the need for efficient business and financial processing for effective business outcomes.

‘My vision is to help Qtac provide efficient, high quality payroll products and services for Accountancy and Payroll Staff, well into the future’.

His considerable experience in the Navy has instilled a strong work ethic, respect for timeliness, traditional processes and innovation, principles which fit well with Qtac and its vision for state of the art payroll services and benefits.

Oliver also brings 10 years of payroll service experience, industry legislation expertise and exceptional B2B and B2C financial service management skills to our team.

Having worked with companies with a diverse range of needs, Oliver is ideally placed to assess what works for organisations big and small in terms of financial management around payroll services and part of his role will be to support our team with complex queries. Oliver is committed to helping organisations deliver exceptional customer service whilst delivering efficiency savings and accurate financial reporting.

Your Payroll

Oliver strongly identifies with Qtac’s core values of precision, efficiency and innovation. He knows the benefits it brings to companies in terms of focus and achieving its vision, sooner rather than later.  So far, his impression of Qtac is that:

‘Qtac is a very ‘family’ oriented company, it puts the needs of staff and clients’ first – I am privileged to work with an organisation that already helps over 50,000 employers deliver payroll services to employees across the world’.

From a management perspective, Oliver maintains that this ethos offers a cohesive framework and potential for expanding the range of high quality products and services already on offer to Payroll managers and accountancy practices wishing to outsource their payroll to an external provider.

Relaxation Time

In his spare time, Oliver can be spotted leisurely rolling along country roads in his classic MGB Roadster or pottering in his beloved garden. He also has a penchant for collecting military toy memorabilia.

Your Queries

If you are thinking about outsourcing your payroll services, or have payroll queries, complex or otherwise, please contact Oliver King who will be happy to offer guidance on  0117 935 3500.

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