Greater Flexibility & Access to Payroll Data via our Outsourced Payroll Service

As a customer of our managed payroll bureau you will know that we are continually developing our in house software to bring even greater benefits to our customers whether they use it directly or indirectly via our outsourced payroll service.

We are pleased to announce that our latest development, the Portal is nearing completion and will be introduced to our outsourced customers over the next few months as part of our extensive pre-launch testing regime.

The Portal was showcased at this years’ Accountex Exhibition and received fantastic feedback and we are sure that it will bring additional benefits to both our outsourced and software payroll clients.

What is the portal and what does it do?

The Portal is a cloud based platform, which enables the 3 key parties (Accountants, Businesses, and Employees) who are involved in payroll for a business, direct and secure access to payroll data in real time, from anywhere, and using any device.

It has been developed as a direct result of the changing needs of businesses and their employees for more flexibility about when, where and how they access their payroll data plus the need to improve efficiency.

Once launched our outsourced payroll customers will have access to the Portal as part of their managed service and this will bring a variety of benefits:

Accountants – it will help them provide a more efficient service to their clients as well as offer them an enhanced service with direct access to payroll data.

Businesses – they will be able to directly access payroll data in real time, both current and historic, and give their employees individual access to payslips and other records reducing time and costs.

Employees – they will be able to view their payslips and other pay information directly via their own individual login and can also update information directly to the platform.

More information

Further information about the Portal will be provided to you by the outsourced team as it is rolled out to our clients.  They will be able to provide Demos and guidance as well as issue relevant logins to the Portal once set up.

In the meantime if you are interested in finding out more please speak to one of the team.