Meet Carl

Carl Jonsson Deputy Payroll Manager Qtac

Carl Jonsson is a key member of the QTAC Payroll team and the first point of contact for all new clients and enquiries.  He has been working with QTAC for almost 3 years and is the Deputy Payroll Manager.   In his role he also liaises with QTAC management and support teams daily to ensure that client services are delivered in a timely and optimal way.

Payroll & Pension Expertise

Before joining QTAC in 2014, Carl spent approximately 13 years working in payroll management within a number of large companies ranging from property management, construction and food production to security and nuclear power.  During this time, Carl developed hugely valuable business and payroll expertise. Carl has specialist knowledge and experience in pension management which enables him to understand the challenges SMEs face, when managing business growth and an expanding workforce particularly when it comes to Auto Enrolment.

On a daily basis, Carl handles front line queries for local, national and international clients. He says ‘No two days are ever the same and there’s never a dull moment when dealing with such a diverse range of businesses which can be anything from nursing homes to commercial companies.”

About QTAC

Carl views Qtac as a forward thinking company. He has been involved in testing the Auto Enrolment Control Centre and says it is a fascinating place to work as it is continually setting new boundaries to move payroll management software forward and to make the lives of their clients easier.

In his spare time, Carl works out in the gym, follows everything Sci-fi, particularly where the Marvel genre is concerned. Apart from that, he is a committed Football dad who enjoys his large collection of Blue ray films and Dvds on quieter moments.

Payroll Support

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Carl and the team at QTAC for further advice on 0117 935 3500.