Meet The Team Simon Wells

Simon joined the Qtac team nearly a decade ago and currently works within the sales side of the business as the Business Development Manager. Having worked in the business across a wide range of roles including customer support and payroll administrator over the years Simon has gained not only a unique perspective of the business operations but considerable experience and knowledge of payroll in general, which means he is ideally placed to explain the benefits of working with Qtac to potential customers.

Prior to his career at Qtac, Simon worked as a restaurant manager so he understands more than many the importance of providing a great service and brings that ethos to not only his own role but that of the entire team.

As Business Development Manager Simons role is to build relationships with new potential customers, understand what their requirements are and then provide quotations and organise Demos of the Qtac payroll software.  It is a role that brings him into contact with a wider number of business owners and accountancy firms across the country and he particularly enjoys building relationships with them and helping them through the pain of payroll management.

In his free time, Simon loves sport and at the moment he is a dedicated crossfitter. He enjoys the challenge it brings and finds working towards targets suits him in his free time as well as in his day job.