Official Launch of Automated Payroll Solution for Stress Free AE

Qtac are pleased to announce the official launch of their innovative AE Control Centre – an enhancement to its current range of payroll software products developed to reduce the burden of auto enrolment on both businesses and payroll providers. The Control Centre made it first appearance at Accountex earlier this … Read More

Auto Enrolment – Leading the way through Innovation

Qtac has always been at the forefront of changes facing the payroll industry and the introduction of Auto Enrolment is no exception.  Our team has been heavily involved in all aspects of the automatic enrolment process for the past 3 years and have seen first-hand the impact it has had … Read More

Bulk Staging date function through Qtac Payroll

HP laptop on a table displaying the Qtac Payroll software Activity Management screen.

The Pension Regulator last week announced that it will cease the Bulk staging date facility tool at the end of March. The tool which helped larger Bureaux plan their multiple employers staging dates, will cease on the 31st March 2016 leaving some struggling with this laborious task…

Global Automated Reports – New Feature

Following on from our our announcement of the new Email Payslips functionality which goes live in our next software update, we have more exciting news just around the corner…

Electronic Payslips – New Feature

3D image to ilastate our emailing paylsips

Electronic payslips have been available in our software for almost 10 years now. Early on, Qtac saw the benefit of being able to email payslips and other reports to employee and employer alike. Back then the decision was made that, rather than reinventing the wheel we would use a third party supplier…