The Changes to Employment Allowance 2020

The Employment Allowance is an annual amount that is currently available to all businesses and charities to offset against their Class 1 secondary NICs bill. It remains at £3,000 for 2019-20. The scheme was implemented to help stimulate economic growth and encourage small firms to take on more employees. By … Read More

Important Payroll Notice – Week 53

Do you need to process a Week 53 this year? Week 53 takes place when a company pay date falls on 5th April in 2019. Each year is made up of 365 days or 52 weeks and 1 day and when the extra day falls on your company pay day, … Read More

Payslip Changes, April 2019 – it’s all about the detail

Whilst the concept of the weekly pay packet has evolved to include electronic payslips or online portals and payments transferred directly to employees’ bank accounts the basic information provided by employers on an employees’ payslip has remained fairly static for years. From April 6th changes to the information that must … Read More

Autumn Budget 2018

On October 29th the autumn budget was released and in this blog we have summarised the key changes that will affect payroll in the coming year. In the 19/20 tax year, we continue to see the payroll landscape change with the introduction of Welsh Tax rates and bands. These new … Read More

Legislation changes for April 2019

Back in February 2018, a new statute was put before Parliament: The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018. This new amendment which comes into force on 6th April 2019 requires Employers to itemise employees earnings which vary depending on the amount of time the employee worked. … Read More

Moving On and Upwards for Payroll Professionals, Qtac

Qtac Office Entrance in Yate

We certainly cannot deny we have had a fantastic and busy few months recently. This included taking the Qtac brand into a new era as well officially revealed our rebrand in May. We have also been working on finalising our latest development, the Qtac Portal. But, if that wasn’t enough … Read More