Smart Pensions & Qtac Payroll


Auto-enrolment has caused a number of problems for businesses of all types and sizes, especially because the various processes were not fully automated. Aware of the many frustrations, Qtac Payroll has built its AE Control centre with fully loaded integration to Pensionsync. Pensionsync enables Qtac payroll software to automate the delivery of data … Read More

Increasing the added value from our partnership with Pensionsync

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Over the past year, many of our customers have benefited from our partnership with Pensionsync, providing them with a market leading data automation product that saves them time and money as well as enabling them to add value to their client relationships. Accessing the Pensionsync platform directly from within their … Read More

Automatic Enrolment Obligations for SME’s


Workplace Pensions has been in place since October 2012 but we are now entering what can only be described as the tsunami stage. There are already signs that compliance among smaller employers is becoming an issue. In the third quarter of 2016 The Pensions Regulator (TPR) issued over 15,000 compliance … Read More

Payroll Changes for Tax Year 2017/18


This coming tax year looks to be another busy one with more significant employment law changes coming into force. I have highlighted some of the key changes, which range from the introduction of gender pay gap reporting to the introduction of an apprenticeship levy for large employers. Apprentice Levy The … Read More

Official Launch of Automated Payroll Solution for Stress Free AE

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Qtac are pleased to announce the official launch of their innovative AE Control Centre – an enhancement to its current range of payroll software products developed to reduce the burden of auto enrolment on both businesses and payroll providers. The Control Centre made it first appearance at Accountex earlier this … Read More