Data Cleansing

Providing HMRC with accurate employee information helps ensure that employees pay the right amount of tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). It also helps protect their entitlement to certain state benefits. Accurate data will help employers save time as they’ll receive fewer enquiries from HMRC and their employees. Very little … Read More

5 Steps to Prepare for RTI

1. Don’t Panic and start preparing your business now. The majority of businesses will need to start reporting under RTI from April 2013. HMRC will move larger companies onto RTI between May–September 2013. It is recommended that the required changes to payroll processes and procedures, including assessing current and/or introducing … Read More

Why should you outsource your school’s payroll?

Qtac Payroll offer an excellent payroll service for schools – ideal services for academy schools that are more autonomous. We have a wealth of experience in providing a managed payroll service that is accurate, reliable and cost effective. Outsourcing your payroll to a reputable provider like Qtac will give you … Read More

RTI Terminology

‘There are a few new terms being used in regards to RTI and need explaining what they mean’. EAS – Employer Alignment Submission: Larger employers will have to submit an Employer Alignment to HMRC as soon as possible after they receive the invitation to join RTI. The EAS must be … Read More

Real Time Information

What is RTI? ‘RTI (Real Time Information) represents the biggest change for payroll since the introduction of Pay as You Earn (PAYE) in 1944. It affects any business operating a PAYE system for its employees and/or directors’. RTI is a move away from notifying HMRC about the payments an employer … Read More