Payroll Services Specifically Designed for SMEs

Managing your payroll can be straightforward

It is a fact that legislation changes are making payroll management increasingly more complicated, costly and time consuming and as Auto Enrolment rolls out to the SME market over the next 2 years it will put added pressure on businesses like yours.

You therefore need to ensure that as a business you are ready for the changes whether you employ 1 member of staff or a 100.

If you use payroll software you will need to ensure the system you use will fully support the additional administrative burden brought on by Auto Enrolment.

Alternatively, now might be the time to consider outsourcing your payroll management to a specialist provider, it can be a cost effective and straightforward way to reduce the pressure.

SME Payroll Services from Qtac

Qtac offer a range of solutions specifically tailored to help businesses manage their payroll and importantly they all fully support the Auto Enrolment changes.

Outsourcing to us

Cost effective alternative to in house payroll

Tailored service for your business needs

Free, dedicated support from payroll experts

Comprehensive Auto-Enrolment admin support

Full RTI reporting & HMRC liaison

Payroll from £1.75 per payslip

Our Payroll Software

HMRC Recognised Software

Wide range of products to meet your needs

Free, dedicated support

Direct link to NEST and other pension providers systems

Software from £5 per month

“Since using Qtac’s managed payroll services the change and benefits have been dramatic. Outsourcing immediately saves us a salary and we now have cover for illness and holidays and an extra 4 days a month is used far more profitably.”

 – Arthur David Food With Service

“What can I say, QTAC is brilliant. I would like to thank you personally for all your hard work and patience during the transfer process and I am really confident that the system you have designed will continue to benefit us.”

 – Tracey Mann (Managing Director) – TKM Commercial Cleaning

Unsure which way to go?

If you need help working out whether outsourcing would be a good option for your business or if you should continue to manage your payroll in house, give us a call on 0117 935 3500 for some free advice on your options.

Not sure if your current payroll software will fully support you with Auto Enrolment then get in touch and we can let you know.