Payroll Assistant

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Qtax Pro
from £130 + VAT
Complex Calculations Quick
Test Salary Changes
Net-To-Gross Calculations
6 Years of Tax Calculations
Verify New Pay Elements
Payroll Assistant
from £130 + VAT
PAYE Calculator
Network Enabled
Print Payslips & Reports
6 Years Of Rates
Net-to-Gross Calculations
HMRC Recognised
Payroll Manager
from £124 + VAT
Quick Pay
User Friendly Dashboards
Web Portal Integration
Email Payslips
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Payroll Bureau
from £144 +VAT
Holiday Credits
Time-Sheet Importing
Department/Job Costing
CIS Retention
Pro Reports
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Payroll Specialist
Call for details
Umbrella Payroll
Multi-Timesheet Import
Multi-Company Processing
CIS Retention
Automate Global Reports
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment

Payroll Assistant Features

  • HMRC Recognised
  • Submit Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Network-Enabled PAYE calculator
  • Check your payroll calculations
  • Process payroll changes or hypothesised scenarios
  • Print payslips and audit reports
  • Save calculation templates for future runs
  • 6 Years worth of historical tax rates.
  • Up to 10 employee management
  • Net-to-Gross calculations
  • Simple intuitive design



Advantages of Payroll Assistant

Print Payslips & Reports

As well as providing you with PAYE calculator functionality, Payroll Assistant comes with a range of reports that can be used to analyse and hypothesise future payroll scenarios.

Network PAYE Calculator

Qtac Payroll Assistant is a PAYE calculator that can be configured for multiple users across networks. You can purchase multiple user licenses to enable all your staff to use the software at the same time. Perfect for bureau and accountant customers who need a reliable piece of software to check their payroll calculations.

6 Years of Tax Calculations

Qtax Assistant has 6 years worth of tax and N.I. calculations built-in. This means you can test scenarios from previous tax years or double-check payroll calculations using accurate figures. Perfect for accountants and bureau managers that want flexibility in their payroll software.

Net-To-Gross Calculations

Net-To-Gross calculations are a standard feature with Qtac software. Even our simple P.A.Y.E. calculator Qtax Pro has this feature as standard. Need to reverse engineer your wages? You need Net-To-Gross calculations.

Real Time Information

All Qtac Payroll software is RTI-ready. This means as along as you are connected to the internet, you can file your payroll from anywhere. Convenience and compliance go hand-in-hand with RTI.

HMRC Recognised

Qtac Payroll has been a HMRC recognised payroll software provider for over 15 years. Our software is trusted by thousands of employers across the UK to submit PAYE, CIS and Umbrella payrolls to HMRC securely and easily.

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