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Qtax Pro
from £130 + VAT
Complex Calculations Quick
Test Salary Changes
Net-To-Gross Calculations
6 Years of Tax Calculations
Verify New Pay Elements
Payroll Assistant
from £130 + VAT
PAYE Calculator
Network Enabled
Print Payslips & Reports
6 Years Of Rates
Net-to-Gross Calculations
HMRC Recognised
Payroll Manager
from £124 + VAT
Quick Pay
User Friendly Dashboards
Email Payslips
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Cloud Based Portal
Payroll Bureau
from £144 +VAT
Holiday Credits
Time-Sheet Importing
Department/Job Costing
CIS Retention
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Cloud Based Portal
Payroll Specialist
Call for details
Umbrella Payroll
Multi-Timesheet Import
Multi-Company Processing
CIS Retention
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Cloud Based Portal

Class Leading Payroll Software Features

    • Fully Integrated Auto Enrolment support & functionality
    • HMRC Recognised for Real Time Information (RTI)
    • Employees updated directly from HMRC PDV
    • Sub-Contractor verification and monthly returns
    • Batch calculations & report printing (including statutory reports)
    • Submit and verify CIS payrolls
    • Pay all employees with one click
    • Employee update imports
    • Simple intuititve design
    • Submit Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC
    • Access to Cloud Based Portal



Payroll Manager can Quickly Sort All of these Important Payroll Tasks for you

Auto Enrolment

Our software is designed to manage the Auto Enrolment process for you. After the initial setup, the software will manage and assist your company in complying with the latest Workplace Pensions legislation on an ongoing basis.

Real Time Information

Payroll Manager is fully RTI-enabled meaning as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can file your payroll to HMRC from anywhere. Convenience and compliance go hand-in-hand with our Payroll Manager software!

HMRC Recognised

We have been a HMRC recognised payroll software provider for over 15 years and trusted by thousands of employers across the UK to submit PAYE, CIS and Umbrella payrolls to HMRC.

Simple Data Transfer

If you’re transferring from another payroll system, you can easily migrate payroll data from your existing payroll provider with our FPS migration tool. Perfect no hassle solution.

User Friendly Dashboards

Simple user interfaces whether you are processing large or small payrolls, are a payroll expert or complete novice. Couple this with Qtac’s friendly support team and you can be sure your payroll management will be stress free.

Easily Correct Mistakes

Qtac’s back-processing feature means you can amend mistakes or incorrect information simply with just a few clicks. Worry free payroll processing at its finest.

CIS Management

Calculate, verify, manage and submit your CIS employees without the need for additional plugins or software. Qtac’s range of unique CIS reports will also give you an insight into your employee costs.

Quick Pay

Pay all companies with one click! If you have companies that have set salaries and additional pay elements that require no changes in any period, then organise the companies into ‘Sections’ and pay that section in one go!

Email Payslips

A clever payroll feature means you can email your employees their payslips directly from your software. No more third-party apps meaning you save time, money and paper!

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