Payroll Specialist

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Qtax Pro
from £130 + VAT
Complex Calculations Quick
Test Salary Changes
Net-To-Gross Calculations
6 Years of Tax Calculations
Verify New Pay Elements
Payroll Assistant
from £130 + VAT
PAYE Calculator
Network Enabled
Print Payslips & Reports
6 Years Of Rates
Net-to-Gross Calculations
HMRC Recognised
Payroll Manager
from £124 + VAT
Quick Pay
User Friendly Dashboards
Web Portal Integration
Email Payslips
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Payroll Bureau
from £144 +VAT
Holiday Credits
Time-Sheet Importing
Department/Job Costing
CIS Retention
Pro Reports
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment
Payroll Specialist
Call for details
Umbrella Payroll
Multi-Timesheet Import
Multi-Company Processing
CIS Retention
Automate Global Reports
HMRC Recognised
Auto Enrolment

Payroll Specialist Features

  • Manage Umbrella payrolls
  • Process reports and payslips across multiple companies
  • Submit and verify CIS payrolls
  • Full Auto Enrolment support
  • Create multiple sections for bureau management
  • Create multiple cost centres for reporting
  • Bulk report printing across multiple companies
  • Split employees hours across different departments
  • Pay all companies with one click
  • Employee update imports
  • Global updates and reporting
  • Simple intuitive design
  • Submit Real Time Information (RTI)
  • PAYE, CIS, UMBRELLA compliant
  • HMRC Recognised
  • Access to Cloud Based Portal


Benefits Payroll Specialist can Bring to Your Payroll Department

Umbrella Payroll Management

Qtac Payroll Specialist is the perfect tool for managing complicated Umbrella payrolls. With a range of reports and custom Umbrella payslips, Qtac provides specialist features for specialist bureaus and payroll managers.

Multi-Timesheet Importing

Import batches of employee hours and process with the click of a button. Powerful processing solutions for specialist bureaux and accountants who need their software to handle large volume payroll processing without compromising on quality.

Multi-Company Processing

Import all of the wage information for your companies and then globally process all wages with the click of one button. A time saving solution giving you the freedom to perform other tasks confident in the knowledge that your Qtac software will pay and submit RTI for all your clients.

Auto Enrolment

Our software is designed to manage the Auto Enrolment process for your clients easily. After the initial setup, the software will manage and assist your clients in complying with the latest Workplace Pensions legislation.

Automated Reporting

What better feature for a busy bureau or accountancy firm than to run batches of reports across global companies. Select a range of reports for each company and then use the global printing options to print everything at once. Automated reporting gives you powerful time-management solutions.

Department/Job Costing

As well as the ability to put employees in different groups for reporting, you can also split employees hours and job roles across different departments. Run reports broken down by department, division and location enabling the easy analysis of business costs and expenditure.

Cloud Based Portal

Direct access to GDPR compliant, Online Portal for secure and flexible access to Payroll Data and Payslips from any location on any device.

Specialist Payroll Features

Auto Enrolment, Umbrella payrolls, CIS, holiday credits, global reporting, global RTI, a range of custom specialist reports and a host of other features not available in our other products make Payroll Specialist the ultimate in payroll management software

Specialist Reporting

Qtac Payroll Specialist gives you a host of extra reports not available in our other payroll software products.  These include all the standard and professional reports, but also a range of global reports for cross-referencing and analysing multi-company information.  Specialist reports for specialist payroll bureaus and accountants.

HMRC Recognised

We have been a HMRC recognised payroll software provider for over 15 years. Qtac is trusted by numerous Payroll Bureaux and specialist accountancy firms to help them manage payroll for thousands of employers across the UK.

CIS Retention

CIS retention has never been so easy. With Payroll Specialist you can set up simple CIS retention to happen automatically when you process your payroll. This feature, coupled with the standard CIS management, verification and submission, makes Qtac Payroll Specialist the perfect system for serious CIS payroll bureaux.

Real Time Information

All Qtac Payroll software is RTI-ready which means as long as you are connected to the internet, you can file your payroll from anywhere. Convenience and compliance go hand-in-hand with RTI.

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